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W Accel World istnieje siedem nacji:


  1. Niebieska-Jest wyspecjalizowana w walce mieczami i inną bronią ostrą.
  2. Czerwona-Lubi walkę na dystans, najczęściej tworzą gigantyczne maszyny bojowe.
  3. Żółta-Używa ilzyzji jako broni i niewiarygodna zwinność.
  4. Zielona-Ich specjalnością jest obrona i uderzenia pięściami.
  5. Fioletowa- ???
  6. Czarna-Mają różne umiejętności, od ostrzy aż po wtapianie się w cień i atakowanie nim.
  7. Biała- ???

Nega Nebulus (Black Legion)[]

Haruyuki Arita (有田 春雪 Arita Haruyuki?) / Silver Crow (シルバー・クロウ Sirubā Kurou?)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji
The main male protagonist. Also known as Haru by his close friends, he is a short and fat boy with low self-esteem until he meets Kuroyukihime. Although he is generally smart and careful when it comes to everyday life, Haru tends to get reckless while protecting Kuroyukihime. He views her as a mentor, friend, and lover simultaneously, which has given him the utmost respect and loyalty toward her and her army. His non-accelerated avatar is a small pink pig that was originally forced on him by his bully, only keeping it because Kuroyukihime finds it "cute". His birthday is April 23, 2033.
Haru's Brain Burst avatar, Silver Crow, has a tall, thin, fragile metallic frame that is completely devoid of weapons, forcing Haru to fight barehanded. His avatar was created by his desire to be thinner and fly away into the sky in order to escape his miserable life. Silver Crow is the first and only avatar with the ability to fly, sprouting wings on its back when its special ability is activated. Lacking in both physical strength and defensive capability, Silver Crow is dependent on Haru's squash-honed speed and reflexes in order to survive fights. Silver Crow's default finishing move is a basic headbutt, typically ineffective in most circumstances. Haru eventually learns how to utilize the Incarnate System to focus his willpower, gaining the ability to form energy blades from the bracers on Silver Crow's forearms, a technique he names "Laser Sword". In the anime, when Cyan Pile was brutally taken down, Haru's anger and submission to the parasite left by Chrome Disaster changed the properties of his Incarnation ability, making it similar to Noumi's. This also led to Silver Crow's color to glow red with his energy blade turning from sky blue to crimson red. Luckily, the timer ran out in the battle before this became permanent.
Black Snow Princess (黒雪姫?, Kuroyukihime) / Black Lotus (ブラック・ロータス Burakku Rōtasu?)
Voiced by: Sachika Misawa
The main female protagonist and leader of the Nega Nebulus legion, her real name is unknown (although Sky Raker refers to her by the nickname 'Sa-chan'). Her pseudonym is Japanese word play with Snow White (Shiroyukihime (白雪姫?, lit. White Snow Princess)). Beautiful and popular, she is also the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. She has been a Burst Linker since she was eight years old. Kuroyukihime was formerly the Black King, although she was driven into hiding after beheading the first Red King, Red Rider, while trying to defeat the other kings to reach level 10. She values Haru as more than a subordinate and is often the voice of reason to him when he is willing to go to extremes to protect her. Prior to her hospitalization, she confesses to Haru that she fell in love with him. Her non-accelerated avatar is her real-world self dressed in black and sporting red and black butterfly wings. She was apparently born on September 30, 2032 according to her forged identity in episode 9. In the 24th episode of the anime, Fuuko calls her "Sacchan", which could be her first name, as well as a nickname.
Her Brain Burst avatar is Black Lotus, also known as "World End," a slender robot with a feminine form which features limbs ending in sharp blades. These weapons instantly cut anything they touch due to the Absolute Cutting Property the avatar possesses, which has the side effect of permanently removing whatever is cut from an opponent's avatar. However, the blades have a frail lateral portion that breaks after receiving too much damage. To compensate for this weakness, Kuroyukihime developed a technique she calls Soft Act. Black Lotus has three special abilities: Death by Barraging, Death by Embracing, which was used on Red Rider, and Death by Piercing, a one-hit-kill direct attack; and two incarnate system skills: Vorpal Strike and Star Burst Stream. In the anime, she also displays an ability call Overdrive: Mode Green, which causes the purple parts of her body to turn green and increase her speed and attack power for a limited time. Lacking feet, Black Lotus hovers slightly off the ground via air jets on the legs, with which it is able to achieve incredible speeds.
Chiyuri Kurashima (倉嶋 千百合 Kurashima Chiyuri?) / Lime Bell (ライム・ベル Raimu Beru?)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
Haru and Takumu's childhood friend. Although she is dating Takumu, she also cares a lot for Haru. Her non-accelerated avatar is a catgirl. After Takumu and Haru come clean with her and tell her about the Accelerated World, she demands the program for herself, wanting to show her friends how to enjoy the game and not take it too seriously. Her main goal as a Burst Linker is to rekindle the close friendship she, Taku, and Haru once shared, fearing the game is tearing them apart. Kuroyukihime wonders if she is mentally strong enough to use Brain Burst, but the group eventually gives in and gives her the program. To her friends' surprise, the program installs successfully.
Her Brain Burst avatar, Lime Bell, appears as a witch girl with a bell-shaped weapon containing a clock face replacing the left forearm. Her avatar was created from her desire to return to the life she had when she, Haru, and Takumu had a very close friendship. Lime Bell's special ability is called Citron Call, a healing ability which actually turns back time to when the avatar had full health, which also fully repairs the avatar's damaged body, which would explain the clock inside her weapon which replaced her forearm when she does Citron Call. Lime Bell is the third avatar with a healing ability, the first being one of the current kings and the second having retired after uninstalling Brain Burst due to the fact that healers are coveted and fought over in Accel World.
Takumu Mayuzumi (黛 拓武 Mayuzumi Takumu?) / Cyan Pile (シアン・パイル Shian Pairu?)
Voiced by: Shintaro Asanuma
Haru's childhood friend and Chiyuri's boyfriend, nicknamed "Taku." Being smart and athletic, he attends a prestigious school. His non-accelerated avatar is the tin man. Initially, he abuses the enhanced reflexes he obtains while accelerated to have an advantage in the kendo tournaments he attends in real life. After Kuroyukihime is hospitalized, Takumu attempts to assassinate her until he is stopped by Haru, who convinces him to join forces. He is a mentor figure to Haru due to his advanced knowledge of the Accelerated World. After teaming up with the Nega Nebulus, he transfers to Umesato Junior High School and begins wearing glasses despite the Neuro-Linker's ability to correct vision problems, wanting to see the world through his own eyes. Takumu was bullied throughout elementary school, possessing a scar on his neck from the beatings he would receive from the kendo team. He was born April 2, 2033.
His Brain Burst avatar, Cyan Pile, features a large frame reminiscent of a knight. Its primary weapon is large pile driver Enhanced Armament mounted on the right forearm, which is able to extend its spike to incredible distances. Upon learning the Incarnate System, Taku obtains the ability to transform it into a huge sword, which he calls "Cyan Blade". Cyan Pile also has access to Splash Stinger, a series of needle guns hidden under the chest armor. Cyan Pile's special ability is Lightning Cyan Spike, which charges the pile driver weapon with electrical energy before firing.


A group of four elemental-themed Burst Linkers who served under Black Lotus until her disappearance.

Fuuko Kurasaki (倉崎 楓子 Kurasaki Fūko?) / Sky Raker (スカイ・ レイカー Sukai Reikā?)
Voiced by: Aya Endo
A "retired" Burst Linker associated with the element of wind. She is also the vice-commander of Nega Nebulus. Sky Raker is Ash Roller's "parent" (the one who gave him Brain Burst) and the only person in Accel World he shows respect towards. Before Silver Crow existed she was known as "the person closest to the sky" in the Accelerated World, gaining the nicknames "Astro", "ICBM" and "Icarus". She became obsessed with the desire to fly and as a result was abandoned by her friends and "parent." Eventually, she gets the help of her only remaining friend and master Black Lotus to reach level 8. Having spent several level up bonus points trying to obtain the ability to fly, she eventually asks Black Lotus to cut off her avatar's legs to reduce her avatar's weight and increase her will. She is introduced to Silver Crow by Ash Roller in the Unlimited Neutral Field to help him control his willpower and use the Incarnate System to fly without his wings. After meeting her in the real world, Haru realizes she has mechanical prosthetic legs. Sky Raker later rejoins Nega Nebulus before the Hermes’ Cord Vertical Race.
Her Brain Burst avatar appears as a silver-blue robot modeled after her real world self, lacking legs below the knee and confined to a wheelchair she powers through the Incarnate System. Sky Raker is one of the only Brain Burst avatars that wears clothes, in her case a wide-brimmed summer hat and dress. Sky Raker owns an Enhanced Armament known as Gale Thruster, a rocket pack that, while not granting true flight, temporarily allows for incredibly long jumps and midair dashes. She lends the Gale Thruster to Haru to help him regain Silver Crow's wings.
Aqua Current (アクア・カレント Akua Karento?)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
Associated with the element of water, Aqua Current (real name unknown) is a Burst Linker who works as a "bodyguard" tag match partner for players level 2 and under. Initially, her gender is unknown. After Haru accidentally trips over her bag, he as well as the customers in the dining area of their meeting place distinguish her as female. Her avatar on the non-accelerated network is a bespectacled weasel with a necktie. Her duel avatar is Aqua Current, a mass of water with a feminine form, possessing properties of pure water such as being an excellent insulator against electrical attacks. Aqua Current is endowed with great skill and experience, proving the rumors about her helping players with dangerously low Burst Point levels.
Aqua Current has been a Burst Linker for a long time, but refuses to level up in order to continue her work. Originally one of Nega Nebulus' "Elements", Aqua Current fell prey of a monster in the Unlimited Field who reduced her level to 1. Her whereabouts after the battle alongside Silver Crow are unknown, as is her real world identity after selectively erasing herself from Haru's memory with her incarnate system ability. In volume 12, she saves Silver Crow from Argon Array and begins a duel with her.
Utai Shinomiya (四埜 宮謡 Shinomiya Utai?) / Ardor Maiden (アーダー・メイデン?)
A level 7 Burst Linker associated with the element of fire. She's a fourth grader attending Matsunoki Elementary. Her avatar has a shaman-like figure and has the ability objects with parasitic attributes, she also possesses a powerful wide range incarnate system ability, however it takes a long time to activate due to its difficulty.
Graphite Edge (グラファイト・エッジ?)
A level 8 Burst Linker associated with the element of earth. His true name and current whereabouts are a mystery. He has the enhanced armament Twin Swords.

Prominence (Red Legion)[]

Yuniko Kōzuki (上月 由仁子 Kōzuki Yuniko?) / Scarlet Rain (スカーレット・レイン Sukāretto Rein?)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
A Year Five student with a fiery temper and intelligence that belies her age, "Niko," as she prefers to be called, is the second Red King after Red Rider's defeat. Initially, she tries to disguise herself as Tomoko Saitou (サイトウトモコ Saitō Tomoko?), Haru's second cousin, and breaks into his house in order to force him into doing her bidding. This plan fails when Haru looks through his grandfather's online photo albums and finds that Niko looks nothing like Tomoko. Niko was abandoned by her parents and attends a school for abandoned children. Niko displays tsundere qualities, one moment being very sweet and affectionate and the next angry and confrontational. She was born on December 7, 2035.
Her Brain Burst avatar is Scarlet Rain, a small red robot with the appearance of a young girl, armed with a laser pistol typically stored on the hip. Her nickname is "The Immobile Fortress" thanks to her special ability, which summons her Enhanced Armament, a massive stationary artillery unit with which Scarlet Rain connects. Though unable to move and slow to turn, the artillery unit is outfitted with scores of weapons, giving it enough firepower to effortlessly take out legions of opponents from all directions. Scarlet Rain possesses two Incarnate System abilities: the Over Ray, a flamethrower attack, and the ability to teleport short distances.
Blood Leopard (ブラッド・レパード Buraddo Repādo?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi
The vice-commander of Prominence. She works as a waitress at a cake shop that also serves as a secret base for Prominence. She is usually seen wearing a maid outfit that she wears for work and rides a motorcycle. Her Brain Burst avatar is level 6 and has the Shape Change ability. Her non-accelerated avatar is an anthropomorphic red-furred leopard woman wearing a leather bodysuit. She develops a rivalry with Sky Raker for unknown reasons.
Cherry Rook (チェリー・ ルーク Cherī Rūku?)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi
Also known as the fifth Chrome Disaster, Cherry Rook is a very close friend of Yuniko, becoming her "parent" after learning how much she loves video games. After being out-leveled by Yuniko and learning that he was moving out of town, he accepted the Disaster Armor Enhanced Armament from the Yellow King. He was defeated by Yuniko with the aid of Nega Nebulus using the Judgement Blow. His defeat leaves a "parasite" on Silver Crow, causing him to become the sixth Chrome Disaster.
Red Rider (レッド· ライダー Reddo Raidā?)
Voiced by: Kenjirō Tsuda
The original Red King, executed by Black Lotus before the events of the series. Red Rider's abilities are unknown, though it is implied that he had a romantic relationship with the Purple King, Purple Thorn. Rider was an advocate of continuing the peace treaty between the Kings, a mindset which led to Black Lotus beheading him with the "Death by Embracing" technique, which subsequently took all of his Burst Points and forcefully uninstalled the program, leading to Black Lotus' exile and setting into motion the events of the series.

Crypt Cosmic Circus (Yellow Legion)[]

Yellow Radio (イエロー・レディオ Ierō Redio?)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida
Also known as the Yellow King or 'Radioactive Disturber', Yellow Radio kept the Disaster Armor after the fourth Chrome Disaster was defeated. He gave it to Cherry Rook expecting that he would be able to break the nonviolence treaty between the kings by giving him the "legal" right to eliminate one member from the Red legion, ultimately going after Scarlet Rain.
Yellow Radio's Brain Burst avatar appears as a court jester with long arms wielding a scepter as a weapon. His Brain Burst avatar's special ability is Futile Fortune Wheel, most likely an illusion attack. He uses illusions and trickery as the basis for his fighting style.
Saxe Lauder (サックス・ローダー Sakkusu Rōdā?)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Tajiri
One of the Burst Linkers who participates in the ambush against Scarlet Rain in the Unlimited Neutral Field.

Great Wall (Green Legion)[]

Green Grandee (グリーン・グランデ Gurīn Gurande?)
Also known as the Green King, his absolute defense earned him the title "Invincible". It is said he gained most of his Burst Points by hunting "enemies" in the Unlimited Neutral Field by himself. He has only lost duels due to time out. He has witnessed the destruction of four generations of Chrome Disaster. His large shield is one of the Seven Arcs, 'gamma' The Strife. He is also one of the Originators.
Ash Roller (アッシュ・ローラー Asshyu Rōrā?)
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura
Silver Crow's first opponent and Sky Raker's "child," often referring to her as "master." Ash Roller is rude, vulgar, and highly aggressive except when in Sky Raker's presence, where he adopts a highly respectful demeanor. His motorcycle, an Enhanced Armament, is his primary weapon, means of transportation, and source of strength. Without the bike, Ash Roller is effectively powerless.
Rin Kusakabe (日下部 綸 Kusakabe Rin?)
She is revealed to be the true identity of Ash Roller's motorcycle. She is in love with Haruyuki for unknown reasons and even once confess to him.
Iron Pound (??? ???)
Jest on prawą ręką zielonego króla, srebrnym wojownikiem z zielonego legionu, jego potężne gigantyczne pięści dają mu ogromną przewagę w walce z bliska. Mimo że jego kolor sprawia, że jest kruchy, to jego obrona wcale nie jest taka słaba. Wiedział on o Acceleration Research Society i informował o tym swojego króla.

Leoniz (Blue Legion)[]

Blue Knight (ブルー・ナイト Burū Naito?)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Also known as the Blue King, "Vanquisher", "Holy Sword" and "Legend Slayer". His large sword is one of the Seven Arcs, 'alpha' The Impulse. Although he is Cyan Pile's original Legion Master, for some reason he decides to not apply the Judgement Blow on him when he joins Nega Nebulus. He is Red Rider's best friend and also one of the Originators.
Cobalt Blade (コバルト・ブレード Kobaruto Burēdo?) / Manganese Blade (マンガン・ブレード Mangan Burēdo?)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen and Kanako Kondō
Twin female Burst Linkers who are close aide of the Blue King, both level 7. Their duel avatars have a warrior appearance. They are loyal to the Blue King and they both have a crush on him. In the past, Sky Raker once hanged them from the top of the Tokyo Government Office which humiliated them.

Auroral Oval (Purple Legion)[]

Purple Thorn (パープル・ソーン Pāpuru Sōn?)
Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi
Also known as the Purple King and "Empress Voltage". She was Red Rider's lover. Her staff is one of the Seven Arcs, 'beta' The Tempest.
Aster Vine
She is a close aide of the Purple King.

Oscillatory Universe (White Legion)[]

White Cosmos (ホワイト・コスモス Howaito Kosumosu?)

Jest pierwszą uzdrowicielką w Accerated World. W tym samym czasie, jest również jednym z króli. W celu wydobycia Seven Roses, specjalnego pistoletu stworzonego przez Red Rider. Manipulowała ona, Black Lotus, by ta zabiła Red Ridera. Ona sfabrykowała dowody że Rider Red planuje wymusić utrzymanie traktatu pokojowego, dając sobie broń. Broń ta będzie w stanie zdziesiątkować jakąkolwiek legion. Po rozwiązaniu Nega Nebulus , Kuroyukihime znalazła Seven Roses w swoich przedmiotach. Próbowała strzelić jednak nie mogła. Uświadomiła sobie że  ten pistolet miał symbolizować pokuj i przyjaźni. Red Rider stworzył go w przekonaniu, że ich przyjaźń będzie trwała wiecznie. Kuroyukihime konfrontacji się z siostrą. Domagając się pojedynku u  White Cosmos. Jednak White Cosmos odpowiedział, że nigdy nie mógł pokonać Kuroyukihime. Zdając sobie sprawę z tego, Kuroyukihime atakuje boxcutter'em i ranni  White Cosmos. To była mała rana jednak  Cosmos Biały sprawiło, że większa. Spowodowało Kuroyukihime wygnany jest.

Ivory Tower (アイボリー・タワー Aiborī Tawā?)
White Cosmos' representative during the Kings' meetings.

Acceleration Research Society[]

Seiji Noumi (能美 征二 Nōmi Seiji?) / Dusk Taker (ダスク・ テイカー Dasuku Teikā?)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
A first year student at Umesato Junior High School, a Burst Linker (though he doesn't call himself one) and member of the Kendo Club who abuses the Physical Burst command to cheat and is the a major antagonist. Noumi believes he is above other people and is disgusted by those he deems "lower" than himself to the point that he will clean his hands with a handkerchief if he touches someone. Noumi blackmails Haruyuki and Chiyuri and takes Silver Crow's wings in an attempt to force the two into becoming his "pets." He is eventually double-crossed by Chiyuri, who claims she wants to "join" him, and Silver Crow has his wings returned despite her "betrayal". He loses the resulting fight and has Brain Burst forcefully uninstalled, taking his memories of having it with him, thus proving Kuroyukihime's theory that Burst Linkers who have the program uninstalled also lose any memories of ever having the program.
Noumi's Brain Burst avatar, Dusk Taker, appears as a featureless black humanoid with a large red orb in place of a face. Though lacking in significant combat ability on its own, Dusk Taker has the power to "take" any finishing move, reinforced exterior, or ability from other Burst Linkers. This ability has no time limit, meaning Dusk Taker can possess up to three stolen abilities for as long as he desires. Using this ability, he has managed to incorporate body parts and weapons from other Burst Linkers into his own avatar, including a large scissor weapon on the right arm and a set of red tentacles replacing his left arm. Dusk Taker is also able to utilize the Incarnate System to create claws made of bright purple energy.
Rust Jigsaw (ラスト・ジグソー Rasuto Jigusō?)
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino
A level 6 Burst Linker that lays traps to prevent enemies to get close to him while using long range attacks, and makes use of the Incarnate System to rust and corrode his targets. Like Dusk Taker, his name does not appear on the challenge list by using the now banned Brain Implant Chip.
Sulfur Pot (サルファ・ポット Sarufa Potto?)
Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama
A Burst Linker who dives into Okinawa while being in Tokyo using a backdoor program. Sulfur Pot has the ability to tame enemies with his Enhanced Armament Mystical Reins, which he loses when he is defeated. The item winds up in the hands of Black Lotus, a gift from the Okinawan Burst Linkers. Like Dusk Taker, his name does not appear on the challenge list.
Wolfram Cerberus (ウルフラム・サーベラス Urufuramu Sāberasu?)
A level 1 Burst Linker with triple personality. He defeats Silver Crow in their first battle. He cooperated with the group to help with his personalities. During the second battle, he lost due to Silver Crow finding out his weakness. During the third battle, he overcame his mistakes, but Silver Crow's new move let him have the upper hand. When Argon Array interfered and trashed Ash Roller in the process, he defended Silver Crow; only to be knocked away by her.
Black Vise (ブラック・バイス Burakku Baisu?)
Voiced by: Tobita Tetsuo
A level 8 Burst Linker who is the vice-commander of the Acceleration Research Society. He has the ability to hide in the shadows and has a deceleration ability. He is also one of the Originators.
Argon Array (アルゴン・アレイ Arugon Arei?)
A level 8 Burst Linker, also known as "Quad Eyes Analyst". She has an ability to see the status of other avatars.


Araya (荒谷 Araya?)
Voiced by: Isshin Chiba
A former student at Umesato Junior High School. He used to bully Haru by extorting his lunch until Kuroyukihime got him expelled. He retaliates by driving a car at both of them, though he only manages to injure Kuroyukihime due to her use of the Physical Full Burst command.
Megumi Wakamiya (若宮 恵 Wakamiya Megumi?) / Orchid Oracle (オーキッド・オラクル Ōkiddo Orakuru?)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu
A student at Umesato Junior High School and Kuroyukihime's only true friend until she met Haru. She is the secretary of the student council and an ex-Burst Linker. However, when she lost the Brain Burst program, she also lost all memory of ever having it in the first place. She regains her memories temporarily during a school trip to Okinawa, helping Black Lotus and the Okinawan Burst Linkers defeat Sulfur Pot by utilizing her avatar's ability to change stage landscapes. In episode 24, she was last seen glaring at Haruyuki with red eyes.
Saya Arita (有田 沙耶 Arita Saya?)
Voiced by: Mari Hagai
Haruyuki's mother. She divorced Haruyuki's father a few years prior to the series' start and is often away on business trips.
Momoe Kurashima (倉嶋 百恵 Kurashima Momoe?)
Chiyuri's mother. Whenever a legion meeting is held in Haruyuki's house, Chiyuri brings food which Momoe cooks for legion members.
Crimson Kingbolt(Cirikin) (クリムゾン・キングボルト Kurimuzon Kinguboruto?)
Voiced by: Tarusuke Shingaki
A level 7 Burst Linker and former member of the Purple Legion. Crimson Kingbolt moved to Okinawa three years before the start of the series after his parents divorced. A freshman in high school, he is Lagoon Dolphin's "parent" and is "master" to both Lagoon Dolphin and Coral Merrow. He gives Lagoon Dolphin and Coral Merrow two rules: never use acceleration for selfish purposes and only talk about the Accelerated World to other Burst Linkers. His Brain Burst avatar resembles a screw and has the ability to summon an Enhanced Armament giant robot known as "Mega-Machine Awakening", depending on the amount of metal, which is similar in size and power to Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armament. He is a friend of Black Lotus, who refers to him as "Crikin."
Purple Thorn once recruited him to join her legion (though she only recruited him for his name) . As noted by Black Lotus, his name comes from a type of screw.
Ruka Asato (安里 琉花 Asato Ruka?) / Lagoon Dolphin (ラグーン・ドルフィン Ragūn Dorufin?)
Voiced by: Tamaki Nakanishi
A second year student from Kube Middle School and level 5 Burst Linker from Okinawa, Lagoon Dolphin is the "parent" of Coral Merrow and the "child" of Crimson Kingbolt. She speaks with an Okinawan accent. Her Brain Burst avatar has a Shape Change ability, which she called it Marine Mode, adopting a form more suited for aquatic environments.
Mana Itosu (糸洲 真魚 Itosu Mana?) / Coral Merrow (コーラル・メロウ Cōraru Merou?)
Voiced by: Yūko Gibu
A first year student from Kube Middle School and level 4 Burst Linker from Okinawa, Coral Merrow is the "child" of Lagoon Dolphin. Like Lagoon Dolphin, her Brain Burst avatar also has a Shape Change ability, which she also called it Marine Mode, she can take the appearance of a mermaid.
Nickel Doll (ニッケル・ドール Nikkeru Dōru?)
Voiced by: Harumi Sakurai
One of the Burst Linkers Silver Crow battled against with Aqua Current. She uses the electric poles in her palms to control the flow of electric current.
Sand Duct (サンド・ダクト Sando Dakuto?)
Voiced by: Eiji Miyashita
Nickel Doll's partner. He uses the ducts in his hands to create a sandstorm vacuum.
Kazuto Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷 和人 Kirigaya Kazuto?) / Kirito (キリト?)
The main character of Sword Art Online, another of Reki Kawahara's light novels. Haruyuki confronts him to find out how he connected to the school network.