Direct Link
The standard command anyone with a Neuro-Linker can use to enter a local network's non-accelerated virtual world. From there, a user can meet up with friends, play games, and run simulations. "Direct Linking" also refers to when two or more people physically connect their Neuro-Linkers via a length of cable, giving each other access to their personal files, thoughts, and memories. This action is considered a social taboo if done in public, only reserved for those with a certain level of intimacy.
Burst Linker
A name given to players in Brain Burst. To become a Burst Linker, an individual must have a Neuro-Linker installed since birth and successfuly install the Brain Burst software on it. Upon successful installation, the player is given 100 burst points and an avatar with its appearance and abilities reflecting his/her personality. A Burst Linker starts on level 1 and can increase their level by expending burst points obtained from other players or by defeating monsters in the Unlimited Field. A Level 9 player can only reach Level 10 by defeating 6 other Level 9 players in combat. So far no player has reached level 10 and there is much speculation about what would happen if a player eventually manages to do so.
Burst Point
These are points necessary to use the Brain Burst acceleration commands. After the successful installation of Brain Burst, the player is granted 100 points. Every win against an equally-leveled opponent grants 10 points, while every loss takes 10 points. The higher the level of the defeated opponent, more points are earned. The only exception is during a duel between level 9 players, where the winner takes all of the loser's points. The only ways to earn Burst Points are to win duels with other Burst Linkers or fight "enemies" in the Unlimited Field. Burst Points can also be expended to obtain special items at the "Shop" or advance to the next level. If a player loses all of his/her points, Brain Burst is forcefully and permanently uninstalled, also erasing all memories related to the Accelerated World.
Burst Link
This is the normal acceleration command. It can be used immediately after Brain Burst's installation. It consumes one Burst Point to allow one's thoughts to be accelerated by 1000 times. It lasts for a maximum of 1.8 seconds in the real world, equaling 1800 seconds (or 30 minutes) of acceleration. It can be stopped prematurely with the "Burst Out" command. When accelerated, the user's net avatar is ejected from the body. Objects in the real world, including the Burst Linker's body, can not be moved while accelerated, though it is possible to challenge other Burst Linkers to a duel or check the list of online users.
Unlimited Burst
This is the command to enter the Unlimited Field, only available to players whose level is 4 or higher. It consumes 10 Burst Points to accelerate at the same parameters as Burst Link.
Unlimited Field
Also known as the Unlimited Neutral Field, this is the environment a Burst Linker enters upon using the Unlimited Burst command. While here, a Burst Liner is not forced to fight a single opponent under a time limit, but is essentially free to fight whoever and whenever they please. The Unlimited Field is also inhabited by powerful NPC monsters known only as "enemies." Unlike normal stages, the Unlimited Field stretches on infinitely. The environment changes after a set time, cycling between several different locations. The Kings each control a portion of territory here, fighting constant legion wars to gain more territory. Burst Linkers are unable to leave under normal means like being defeated in battle (they will simply respawn after one hour) or using the Burst Out command. Instead, they must find Leap Points scattered throughout the environment to log out. According to Haru, if one were to theoretically spend a full day accelerated in the real world, it would equal almost three years in the Unlimited Field. While accelerated in the Unlimited Field, a Burst Linker's body would remain asleep in the real world.
Physical Burst
This command allows a Burst Linker to accelerate their mind by 10 times for 3 seconds in the real world, equaling 30 seconds of acceleration. Everything moves at normal speed during this time. It consumes 5 Burst Points.
Physical Full Burst
This command allows one to accelerate both mind and body by 100 times, it can only be used by level 9 Burst Linkers. It consumes 99% of the player current Burst Points.
Enhanced Armament
Equipment and weapons that can be obtained and used in Brain Burst duels. There are four ways of obtaining one: having one as part of beginner equipment, earning them through level-up bonuses, using Burst Points to buy them in the "Shop," and taking them from other players (either through Direct Linking and trading or defeating an opponent). The most notorious Enhanced Armaments are known as the Seven Arcs, each one representing a star of the Big Dipper. Some of these are possessed by Kings of Pure Color.
Judgement Blow
A skill given to Legion Masters, it allows them to forcefully uninstall Brain Burst from a member of their legion. However, it can only be used at close range.
Incarnate System
A technique that allows a Burst Linker to attain special abilities beyond their avatar's base capabilities by slightly bending the properties of the accelerated world's environment to his/her will through mental conditioning. It is a special feature known only by a few Burst Linkers (including the Legion Masters). Incarnate abilities can be deployed at any time regardless of the special move gauge, and are divided into four categories: ranged attacks, melee attacks, increased speed, and enhanced defense. The types of incarnate abilities a Burst Linker can obtain depend on the properties of his/her avatar, which are determined by the mental scars a Burst Linker possesses. The technique is kept a secret between Legion Masters because it can eventually cause the Linker to lose its sense of self, and eventually leads to the birth of Chrome Disasters.
Brain Implant Chip
An illegal device implanted in the brain that allows the user to connect to the network without using the Neuro-Linker. This device was banned three years after its introduction when it was discovered that the risk of brain hacking was dangerously high and that students were able to use it to cheat on exams. This device allows Burst Linkers to challenge other linkers without appearing on the matching list. The Brain Implant Chip was an intermediate development in full diving, between the "Nerve Gear", a diving helmet used years before featured in Sword Art Online, and the currently used Neuro Linkers.
They are known to be the first generation Burst Linkers who do not have Parents got the Brain Burst program directly from the creator of Brain Burst. Some of the kings are Originators which Scarlet Rain considers them as "real monsters".
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