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Yuniko Kōzuki (上月 由仁子, Kōzuki Yuniko; ; ; ) ist einer der wenigen Level 9 Burst Linker und ist der zweite und amtierende Rote König. Sie ist auch die Führerin der Roten Legion, Prominence.[1]


Yuniko's true personality.


Yuniko is an elementary student and attends a private school. Her duel avatar is Scarlet Rain who is the current Red King following Red Rider. Her reasoning behind finding Haru was to ask for his help to stop the 5th Chrome Disaster which is currently one of Yuniko's legion members, Cherry Rook.


Yuniko's appearance is that of a small girl with red eyes. She has red hair and is made into two pigtails with two blue bowties. When she is first seen in the series in an attempt to get closer to Haru, she is seen wearing a white blouse with a blue string tie. On top, she wears a pink apron with the word "cat" on it with a picture of one and a fish.

Her standard attire, however, consists of a long-sleeved red and black striped shirt with ripped short jeans and black stockings. She still retains her two blue bowties in her pigtails.



Yunikos Avatar ähnelt dem eines Prinzen. Ihre Zöpfe sind länger, und sie trägt jetzt zwei weiße Fächer anstelle von blauen. Ihre Kleider sind die eines Prinzen, wobei die meisten davon rot sind. Sie trägt einen blauen Umhang, weiße Handschuhe und braune Stiefel mit einem Schwert an ihrer Taille.

Scarlet Rain[]

Scarlet Rain

Yuniko's Brain Burst Charakter ist Scarlet Rain, die der 2. und der aktuelle Rote König ist. Scarlet Rain ähnelt Yunikos realem Aussehen, wie ihrem kleinen Körper und den zwei Zöpfen. Ihr Körper ist metallisch, hat grüne Augen und ist meist rot gefärbt mit einigen Teilen rosa. Sie trägt auch einen Handblaster, genannt Peace Maker, der gewöhnlich an ihrer Taille hängt.


As the 2nd Red King after Red Rider, the first Red King, she is one of the few Level 9 players. She is nicknamed 'The Immobile Fortress' due to her fighting style where she boards her huge armament with powerful long-range artillery named "Invincible," which allows her to defeat a group of opponent while remaining stationary.

Her hand blaster 'Peace Maker' when fired a few rounds, requires 20 seconds to recharge.

She is also known to have knowledge of the Incarnate System due to her being one of the Six Kings of Pure Color. She later demonstrates her abilities with the Incarnate System when she helps teach Haru and Taku to use it.


  • Hailstorm Domination: While equipping her huge armament 'Invincible', it'll fire off an entire fortress battalion of missiles all over the field with enough firepower to wipe out an army on the ground or any fliers in the air.
  • Heat Blast Saturation: While equipped by the huge armament 'Invincible', the long-range dual cannons fire a powerful massive beam at the target. The power is capable of traveling very far across a long distance & leave a vacate hole through a building in the game world.
  • Change - Dreadnought: When 'Invincible' is out, it can undergo a mechanical reconstruction formation from an Immobile Fortress into a dreadnought vehicle style with mounted cannons above the driver's roof. This mode is perfect for distant travels and allows allies to ride on it, also firing grappler cables from either side to allow quick shift changes when turning while in speed motion. But when it hits obstacles in it's way, Scarlet Red takes in damage count. While active, it admits a blue glow line while in it's immobile fortress state, is emerald green. Noted Fact: This was first seen in the anime from Accel World: Infinite Burst.
  • Coronal Mass Ejection: From 'Invincible' compartment, fires off a spinning barrage of homing missiles. Noted: This was first seen in the anime from Accel World: Infinite Burst.


  • In der Light Novel soll sie grüne Augen haben.
  • Rina Hidaka, die japanische Stimme für Yuniko, spricht auch Silica (Ayano Keiko) aus Sword Art Online.
  • Sarah Anne Williams, die englische Stimme für Yuniko, spricht auch Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika) aus Sword Art Online.


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