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• 1/20/2019

Episode 24 secret face?

I just got into Accel World last night and binge watched quite a bit and I just got done watching episode 24 when I saw a face on a character that seemed very out of place so I decided to look it up and found nothing so I came here to ask if this topic has been talked about or even solved yet. I saw the face at 13:21 of episode 24. I'm not very sure if it has to do with me watching on kiss anime if that even makes any sense.I just saw this and wanted to know what it was all about. give some info if you don't mind.

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• 11/15/2017

Accel World CD

So I picked up one of the OST CDs. Anyone willing to help me put together a Discogs entry for it?
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• 6/15/2017

New Navigation Header

What should be the header's background?

Use the old one or do you all have a recommendation?
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• 5/22/2017

Recent Events

Hello Accel World fans,

I'm Sean from FANDOM's Community Support team. We have been fielding some complaints and questions regarding this wiki, and we have been monitoring the wiki closely.

Frankly, the focus on squabbling over leadership is becoming a distraction. It is absolutely true that communities are the backbone of a wiki and they get to decide who their Admins and Bureaucrats are. The way this generally works is a proposal in leadership, with some discussion and a clear vote. If there is consensus for a change in leadership, then the current Admins or Bureaucrats either demote or promote in line with what the community decided.

Consensus is a difficult thing to measure, but in general it is a distillation of the collective will of all users of the wiki.

The repeated attempts to remove leadership rights don't appear to have broad consensus. Instead, they appear to be the constant back and forth fighting of the dedicated current leadership. They don't display true consensus, but the political infighting of a few individuals. This is not what a Bureaucrat or Admin should be feeding when it comes to local norms.

While I understand that there are deep rifts between the factions here, I think it is best for the wiki if we put these leadership[ removal discussions on hold for a time and everyone gets back to actually working on the wiki. I would like to see everyone put their differences aside and not directly engage in any of these disputes.

Let's get three months of drama-free editing under our belts where the community focuses solely on the content. If, at the end of that time period, the factions aren't at a point where everyone is comfortable working together we can have a definitive leadership discussion, with clearly articulated rules laid out beforehand, extensive scrutiny by FANDOM staff to ensure there are no sockpuppet issues, and a firm time limit.

My hope is that this will prove to be unnecessary and a sustained focus on working together will help heal the wounds, but if not then the intervening period can serve as a kind of reset button. With a moratorium on demotion threads, we can avoid any of the issues with the past cluster of them.

In either case, everyone appreciates the extra work demanded of Admins and Bureaucrats. Community leaders don't need to be best friends, but they do need to reach a point where they realize they are in the same boat and need to find ways to work together for the good of the community.
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• 5/8/2017

Re: Proposal to change the status of some bureaucrats in this wikia.

After all the previous discussion, there seems to be some confusions over how should those results being interpreted. In order to reduce the amount of confusion, here I would hold a vote that each member of the community should cast their vote on the issue being stated.
Topic: Demote User:Robyn Grayson from the wiki's bureaucrat position
Voting Rule:
1. Every member should only make one reply in this thread, and that reply should only consists of "Agree" or "Disagree", because discussion about rationales have already be done on the other post. Any member who have made more than one reply in this thread, or replied with something other than agree or disagree, will be ignored.
2. Because wikia members only need to vote in this thread and thus there are no need to discuss about the thread, this poll will be opened for just enough amount of time that would allow everyone to express their opinion. (This exclue the user in question for obvious reason.)
3. In order to response to concerns about puppetry, Only editors who have edited this wikia before April 11, 2017 (The first post causing this series of disucssion) are eligible to vote in this post.
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• 4/17/2017

Demotion Proposal: Robyn Grayson and Game Boterator

Hello everyone, I'm ZeHaffen and I help edit the Accel World wiki, among other forms of working with this series.

I, as well as other editors here, have recently come to the conclusion that the user Robyn Grayson has proven himself to be unfit for his roles as admin and bureaucrat of this wiki. As such, I would like to put his status up to a community vote. Anyone is free to vote, please simply tell us why you support or oppose the proposed demotion.

I would also like to propose demotion of Game Boterator, a bot owned by Robyn Grayson, from its bureaucrat role as a bot has no need for such a powerful position and could even be used to abuse power.

I will allow others to post the reasons behind their opinions before I post mine. I will also be taking the results of this proposal to Wikia staff in one week, which I believe is sufficient time to allow for users to voice their opinions.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you all.
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• 4/17/2017

Changing Pages Names

"Accel World: <name>"

I find this unnecessary as this is already the accel world wiki, why not we remove and just leave the name after it? Ex: If it's a video game, the video game's name will be the title of the page and be in the category "Video Games".

This is a quick vote so please use 'Support' or 'Oppose'. No reason is required, however it is optional.
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• 4/15/2017

Create Profile Button

Hiya, I'm not sure if any of you have noticed but there's a button called "Create Profile" at the bottom left of your tools bar. It's a script I created to help new users who are unfamilliar with wikitext to quickly create a profile of their own without much effort. All it requires is for them to fill out the form and click "Create".

I have confirmed it doesn't overwrite your current profile even if you accidentally pressed "Create" when checking it out. Can be seen here:

This is a beta script, so please give your opinion and inform me about bugs should you encounter any. Cheers!
Log/delete Accel World Wiki
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• 4/11/2017

Demotion Proposal. Qunow and Rich Richie

Greetings, everyone- no, fellow contributors.

Recently, a long standing editor and bureaucrat, Qunow, had promoted one of her friends, Rich Richie, to administrator without consulting me or the community, suggesting heavy personal bias. I held a live discussion with both of them and had concluded that Rich will stay demoted and must deserve those rights like any other user through work. However, the next day, Qunow had ignored the consensus and repromoted Rich to buro, again without consulting anyone. This is incredibly unfair to future contributors who wish to get staff and something must be done. I have the chat logs of our discussion, they can be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs/9 Apr 2017|here.]] Please leave your opinion on whether or not they should stay or leave as a staff.

Anyone is free to vote, including the ones who are involved.

Please leave a reason why you support or oppose the demotion or else it may be seen as bias-voting (asking people to vote for you) and be counted as invalid.

The thread will close in one week, I'll leave my own vote after 3 users have voted. Thank you for your time.
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• 2/25/2017

Infinite Burst

Why the page for infinite burst is awaited for deletion?
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• 1/2/2017

New Wikia Theme

Greetings everyone! I hope you enjoy the wiki's new theme, however, nothing is perfect, so I hope you'll notify the staff if there is a page who looks off. :)
Have fun editing!
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